Who is Remi Wolf?
Three words: Funky, Absurd, Colorful. Remi Wolf is a funk-pop rule breaker who doesn't care what you have to say about it. That's why she was a perfect fit for this assignment: combine an art style of the past with a musician from today. I merged Remi's funky aesthetic with the iconic style of Psychedelic Art Nouveau, drawing inspiration especially from artists like Bonnie MacLean, Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley. 
Why is Your Book Vertical?
To put a spin on the project (literally), I oriented the pages vertically so that as the viewer flips through the pages, the images look like psychedelic posters. The format of vertical artwork lends the eye to perceive the image as a poster rather than a book spread. This made it easy to create actual posters as an expansion of the project as well.
Ok, Cool. But What Else?
Imagine the catalog book as just one piece of tour merchandise for Remi's next world tour. Along with the book, I created three posters, a hat design, t-shirt, and VIP lanyard as graphic assets and merchandise for the tour. Remi loves trucker hats and baggy t-shirts, so I knew I had to include those as pieces of merch. The designs are pulled from my favorite graphics within the catalog.
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