What is the J.A.G. Fund?
The Joel A. Gingras Jr. Memorial Foundation (The J.A.G. Fund) is my family's foundation for Brain Tumor Research, which was created by my dad in 1989 when my Uncle Joel was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Every year my dad and his brothers Christian and Joel would go tubing down the Delaware River, so when Joel was diagnosed, the foundation was created to cover Joel's medical bills. Joel eventually passed away at the age of 27 years old from complications of his tumor, but the J.A.G. Fund lived on, now donating money raised to the American Brain Tumor Association. 
Who Was Joel?
Joel was the type of guy to get along with anyone and everyone. He had a great sense of humor, loved pulling pranks on his 5 siblings, was an incredible hockey player, and collected vintage cars. My goal with the J.A.G. Fund rebrand was to encapsulate Joel's personality, combined with a vintage 1980's visual aesthetic. Although the organization is a large foundation, I strayed away from a corporate brand identity because at the end of the day, Joel wasn't a corporate guy. He may have been a businessman, but his personality said otherwise.
What's that Tube Guy?
An important part of this rebrand was redesigning the foundation's iconic "Tubehead" logo/mascot. The Tubehead stems from the foundation's annual tube float down the Delaware and has been the mascot for over 30 years. The redesigned Tubehead is a funky, inviting character that can exist in many of the J.A.G. Fund's event settings, like the Saturday Night Bash and Black Tie Gala.
What Can We Give Out?
Currently, the J.A.G. Fund lacks consistent stationary or any kind of business card, so it was crucial for me to create something eye-catching. I see it all the time -- my parents are telling someone about the J.A.G. Fund and can only refer them to the website from word of mouth, which allows for mishearing the name or forgetting it entirely. With a business card, anyone at the J.A.G. Fund can easily share Joel's story. 
What Do We Sell?
Merchandise includes a retro-inspired t-shirt and a variety of typographical treatments for a series of bumper stickers. Joel was a collector of many things, including cars, so bumper stickers pay homage his love for cars and the aesthetic of vintage bumper stickers. The t-shirt was the perfect place for the new Tubehead mascot to live, tying in the brand colors and logo on a piece of clothing that essentially acts as a walking billboard for the organization.
How Do We Share Our Information?
E-vites are used by the organization to spread the word about events and provide an easy place for attendees to register for events, pay any fees, and donate. Currently, the invitations are 4 page long documents with information unorganized and scattered throughout. The new layouts are easy to follow and only provide the most important information so that both new and returning guests can easily find information.
Why Use Social Media?
The purpose of social media for the J.A.G. Fund is to provide followers both old and new with a place to remember Joel and share the foundation's history. Posts are to be shared in groups of three, giving the page a cohesive look from the profile page. A timeline of the J.A.G Fund is crucial for those who are less familiar with the organization to get an idea for the roots and the main purpose of the charity. The second tier of posts shows off photos both old and new, and the third tier has both quotes from members and photos to match. Representing Joel's personality, getting across the mission of the organization, and sharing memories are the main goals of the social media.
What's On the Website?
Online presence is very important for The J.A.G. Fund because it allows potential members, volunteers, donors, as well as doctors, researchers, and other organizations like the ABTA to learn about Joel and the mission of the organization. On the website viewers can browse the lists of Joel A. Gingras Jr. Award winners via the ABTA, read the names of the doctors awarded fellowships through the J.A.G. Fund's donations, donate to the cause, learn about the history, and browse upcoming events. This is an important element of the brand because it is the place where the most information about the J.A.G. Fund lives and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the organization. 
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