What is Design Together?
I interned with Abby Guido, head of Abby Ryan Design, collaborating with her to create an extended brand identity for Season 3 of her podcast, Design Together. Design Together was created to provide a space to explore design collaboration. Guests share their expertise, successes, and failures, all in an effort to educate our audience on the nuances of how to improve the way we work together.

Episode Covers

How Did We Collaborate?
With the purpose of the Design Together podcast being collaboration, Abby and I needed to create a design that allowed up to three guests to share space on the episode covers. This was a tricky task, considering we included the guests' job titles and companies. We branched off from the brand's usual color palette by adding a soft gradient and a new gradient overlay for headshots. 
How did We Design for the Screen?
A unique aspect of Design Together's brand is that all the content will be viewed via a phone screen. Most people will be listening to the podcast on a phone and viewing social media content on Instagram's mobile app, so we made sure that our designs were fit for a small screen. The thin, yet tall, first names catch the viewer's attention, with the bold and short last name grounding each guests' name strongly within the cover. Little elements like the squiggly lines create a sense of consistency throughout the episode covers, despite the varying lengths of names or number of guests.

Promotional Material for Instagram Posts & Stories

Guest Quotations Designed for Instagram Posts & Stories

What Content Did We Create?
Promotional material for this season of Design Together follows the same design system as the episode covers, with the long and tall white top text and strong, dark bottom text. The soft orange gradient becomes a purple one for some backgrounds to let the episode covers shine in mockups.
The guests' insight to design is a crucial aspect of Design Together, so it is important for the podcast's social media to highlight quotes from these designers. The quotation posts have a similar gradient to the episode covers, only in purple now to differentiate between episode posts and quotation posts on Instagram. 
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