What is MLK Drive?
Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Philadelphia has been shut down for pedestrian use, providing a fun biking trail for those wanting to be safe while outdoors during the Pandemic. The Bike Coalition of Philadelphia has been a major proponent in this change, and continues to support the decision to keep MLK Drive open to the public. To promote the benefits of MLK Drive, the Bike Coalition reached out to my design class at Tyler to create an illustrated map that would highlight its beauty. 
Who Did You Work With?
I collaborated with a small team of classmates and my professor to create an illustrated map for the Bike Coalition of Philadelphia. My class, titled "Design Agency," treated the classroom as a mini-design agency, splitting the students into two groups with two different clients for the semester. Within the small group each student was assigned a role and had different responsibilities like presentation management, client management, production management, etc. As the client manager, I spent a lot of time presenting my team's work to the Bike Coalition of Philadelphia, explaining design decisions and taking feedback to continue evolving the project to the company's liking.
What Was Your Illustration Process?
I collaborated with one of my classmates to create this illustrated map, focusing on highlighting the notable Philadelphia landmarks along the trail. We decided to approach the map from a unique perspective instead of top-down to emphasize the length and terrain of the trail. My classmate and I went back and forth trading Procreate files to figure out how to draw people and landmarks as well as choose a color palette and illustration style.
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