POV: You're looking for the best tailgate on your college campus.
You turn to your frat bro and say, "dude, where's the party?"

Enter: Dude, Where's the Party?
Dude, Where's the Party is your virtual guide to the parties, tailgates and events going on on your college campus. They post (and host) upcoming campus events and post highlights from the craziest parties. And if you go to a lit tailgate, take a video and send it to DWP to be featured on their highlights. 
I loved working with DWP because they were so psyched about everything I did.

There were a lot of "GOATTTTT" and "YOU'RE A BEAST!!!!" texts.
My initial round of sketches included a lot of frat iconography - beer pong cups/balls, backwards hats, red solo cups, college fonts, etc. 

After presenting my initial round of sketches to the clients, they suggested a character as their icon.  They wanted some kind of red solo cup character with a mullet of beer foam wearing a backwards trucker hat and a pair of sunglasses that they'll eventually be launching as a part of their brand.

Thus, our mullet-cup-hat-guy was born!

It started with a messy sketch, then some redefinition, then a procreate illustration, and finally a vector graphic.

This character will serve as their mascot and their profile image.
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